A-71371526 Allis Chalmers Combine Parts Cyl Barreversechrome(2/ Tractor Part For Sale $144.25 fits ,Challenger COMBINE 660,Challenger COMBINE 660B,Challenger COMBINE 670,Challenger COMBINE 670B,Challenger COMBINE 680B,Gleaner COMBINE A65,Gleaner COMBINE A66,Gleaner COMBINE A75,Gleaner COMBINE A76,Gleaner COMBINE A85,Gleaner COMBINE A86,Gleaner COMBINE R40,Gleaner COMBINE R42,Gleaner COMBINE R50,Gleaner COMBINE R52,Gleaner COMBINE R60 (P3 Processor SN 16501 and gt ),Gleaner COMBINE R62 (SN 63001 and gt ),Gleaner COMBINE R65,Gleaner COMBINE R66,Gleaner COMBINE R70 (P3 Processor SN 12501 and gt ),

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Allis Chalmers Combine Parts
Part Description:
Cyl Barreversechrome(2/ A-71371526
Item: A-71371526

Allis Chalmers Combine Parts Cyl Barreversechrome(2/ A-71371526
Challenger COMBINE: 660
Challenger COMBINE: 660B
Challenger COMBINE: 670
Challenger COMBINE: 670B
Challenger COMBINE: 680B
Gleaner COMBINE: A65
Gleaner COMBINE: A66
Gleaner COMBINE: A75
Gleaner COMBINE: A76
Gleaner COMBINE: A85
Gleaner COMBINE: A86
Gleaner COMBINE: R40
Gleaner COMBINE: R42
Gleaner COMBINE: R50
Gleaner COMBINE: R52
Gleaner COMBINE: R60 (P3 Processor; SN 16501>)
Gleaner COMBINE: R62 (SN 63001>)
Gleaner COMBINE: R65
Gleaner COMBINE: R66
Gleaner COMBINE: R70 (P3 Processor; SN 12501>)

Weight: 12 lb.

Qty in Pkg: 1

Price: $144.25


A-71371526 Fits:

Part Number A-71371526, Cyl Barreversechrome(2/, fits the machines listed above.

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