A-71357953 Allis Chalmers Combine Parts Blade Impeller Processor Tractor Part For Sale $38.30 fits ,Gleaner COMBINE N5 (S/N 6101 and gt ),Gleaner COMBINE N6 (S/N 7301 and gt ),Gleaner COMBINE N7,Gleaner COMBINE R40,Gleaner COMBINE R42,Gleaner COMBINE R5 (S/N 8001 and gt ),Gleaner COMBINE R50,Gleaner COMBINE R52 (S/N and lt 53001),Gleaner COMBINE R6 (S/N 10301 and gt ),Gleaner COMBINE R60,Gleaner COMBINE R62,Gleaner COMBINE R7 (S/N 7001-8700),Gleaner COMBINE R70,Gleaner COMBINE R72 (S/N and lt 73001),White/ Oliver/ Mpl Moline COMBINE 2500,White/ Oliver/ Mpl Moline COMBINE 2600,

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Allis Chalmers Combine Parts
Part Description:
Blade Impeller Processor A-71357953
Item: A-71357953

Allis Chalmers Combine Parts Blade Impeller Processor A-71357953
Gleaner COMBINE: N5 (S/N 6101>)
Gleaner COMBINE: N6 (S/N 7301>)
Gleaner COMBINE: N7
Gleaner COMBINE: R40
Gleaner COMBINE: R42
Gleaner COMBINE: R5 (S/N 8001>)
Gleaner COMBINE: R50
Gleaner COMBINE: R52 (S/N <53001)
Gleaner COMBINE: R6 (S/N 10301>)
Gleaner COMBINE: R60
Gleaner COMBINE: R62
Gleaner COMBINE: R7 (S/N 7001-8700)
Gleaner COMBINE: R70
Gleaner COMBINE: R72 (S/N <73001)
White/ Oliver/ Mpl Moline COMBINE: 2500
White/ Oliver/ Mpl Moline COMBINE: 2600

Weight: 3.46 lb.

Qty in Pkg: 1

Price: $38.30


A-71357953 Fits:

Part Number A-71357953, Blade Impeller Processor, fits the machines listed above.

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